Career Skills Overview

What are the most important skills for building a career, regardless what role you have or what stage you are in your career?

Below is an overview of my point of view — starting with basics (salary negotiation), followed by concepts that will shape how you build your career (your career’s a web, not a ladder), then key stages in the process of getting and succeeding in your job. 

I’ve marked the best and most important skills with a🏅, and included a lot of ideas I’m working on as “coming soon” — if you’d like me to focus on a particular one(or have another question), let me know in this survey

Basic career skills & big decisions

Essential career concepts

  • Preparing an inevitable career narrative: your whole life led to this
  • 🏅Credibility
  • Concept: role adjacency
  • Concept: Skill transparency
  • How to win the game of low expectations
  • Bad career advice to be wary of

Networking skills

Applying for the job

Choosing where to work

  • Questions to ask in a job interview
  • How to tell if a startup is going to succeed before taking the job (and impress the hell out of whoever’s hiring you)

Doing the work

  • How to manage your boss
  • Office politics intro
  • How to say no at work

Leaving your job

Other great career resources