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21 Dairy Queen Interview Questions & How To Respond


Dairy Queen is a well-known American chain that serves soft-serve ice cream as well as fast food. It has a long and illustrious history that spans more than seventy-five years.

In 1938, John Fremont McCullough and his brother Alex McCullough came up with the recipe for DQ’s soft-serve ice cream. They sold their innovative product in an ice cream shop in Illinois to gauge how customers would react to it and gather feedback. After only two hours of being in stock at the Illinois retailer. More than 1,600 individual servings of soft-serve ice cream were purchased on the very first day they were available.

The McCullough family, along with Sherb Noble, proprietor of the restaurant in Illinois where soft-serve ice creams were first offered for sale. It handles the creation of Dairy Queen. In 1940, Joliet, Illinois served as the location of the opening of the first Dairy Queen store. The original location of Dairy Queen is no longer open for business.

The chief founder and co-owner of the company, John Fremont McCullough, gave the company its name. After he referred to the signature dessert of the brand as “a queen among all dairy products.” This description is where the company got its name.

The first iteration of the Dairy Queen logo was a monochromatic sign featuring stylized lettering. In the 1950s, the iconic red ellipse-shaped signs were introduced, and the color of the writing alters to white. Both of these changes took place.

How To Respond To The 21 Most Important Dairy Queen Interview Questions

1. What Got You Interested In Working For Dairy Queen In The First Place?

This is an excellent way of paying for your educational expenses. So, it is a source of great pride to give the opportunity to work at Dairy Queen. You are in a fortunate position to represent Dairy Queen’s products and services, so you might emphasize that. You are free to express how much you value the efforts that Dairy Queen has put forth toward charitable causes. Also, they give charitable contributions to children’s hospitals in both the United States and Canada.

2. Can You Describe Your Employment History At Your Previous Jobs?

You should place the most importance on your job experience along with the relevant skills that you get while working in a variety of jobs. Could also say that you are fresher and are interested in working for Dairy Queen after getting some work experience. Should keep your attention on work-related experiences. You should not use this forum to recount the details of your life story. Besides that, you need to ensure that your response is engaging. When there’s nothing particularly interesting to say about your previous work, you shouldn’t go into too much detail about it.

3. Which Of The Following Types Of Shifts Do You Prefer To Work?

You must always keep in mind the more flexible you are with your work schedule, the better opportunities you will have to work for Dairy Queen. This is something you should keep in mind at all times. Be willing to put in extra hours on the weekends or holidays to meet the increased demand for workers on those days.

4. How Should One Respond When Faced With A Challenging Customer?

Most likely asked questions during the interview at Dairy Queen because it focuses on providing excellent customer services. Find a facet of your past that you can relate to this position, even if you don’t have any work experience. This is important. If you are a student, you could talk about a period when you had problems working with a fellow student on a project. You may speak about how you dealt with the issues. And also those problem-solving abilities could apply to situations. In which you can handle a customer would behave in a more aggressive manner.

Despite the fact that getting ice cream puts people in a good mood. Then 95 % of the time, a clear resolution is an essential part of any job that involves providing customer service. Your ability to provide a convincing response will set you apart from other candidates during the interview process.

5. What Is The Largest Number Of Hours Per Week That You Are Available To Work, And How Far Away Can You Live From This Place?

This might not carry as much weight but the recruiter is very interested in learning how your schedule would be structured. Find out the operating hours of the Dairy Queen location that you will be interviewing at before you go in. Check the distance between where you live and the location on your GPS device as well. If you live within 10 miles of your neighborhood DQ, the people in charge of hiring will feel more at ease. If you live a long distance away, there is a greater likelihood that you will have questions about consistency and reliability.

6. At Dairy Queen, We Have An Extensive Training Program For Our Employees. What Specific Aspects Of Your Training Do You Feel Need Improvement The Most?

Recruiters are searching for candidates who are strong in providing excellent customer service. In spite of this, when responding to the question, you must strive to be as truthful as you can. Do not say about how terrible you are at managing your time. If you are anyone who needs to work on improving their time management skills. You could instead try to soften the impact by admitting that you sometimes struggle to keep up with the tasks.

Other Common Questions Asked During A Dairy Queen Interview Questions

1. Would you mind telling us about yourself?

2. Tell me about your interest in working at Dairy Queen.

3. Are you able to work any specific hours?

4. Could you please tell us about the jobs you’ve held in the past?

5. What are some of your favorite things about Dairy Queen?

6. What information can you provide us about Dairy Queen?

7. Who are some of Dairy Queen’s rivals in the industry?

8. What strategies do you use when dealing with challenging customers?

9. Why is providing excellent service to customers so crucial?

10. What characteristics make for outstanding service to customers?

11. Looking ahead to the next five years, where do you see yourself?

12. What do you consider to be your biggest flaw?

13. What do you consider to be your greatest asset?

14. What are the benefits of working with you?

15. What drives you and keeps you going?

Frequently Asked Questions About Dairy Queen Interview Questions

What Kind Of Clothing Would Be Appropriate For You To Wear?

Business-casual, such as dress slacks or khakis with button-down shirts for males. Skirts with shirts for females. This helps communicates competence and creates an impression that is hard to forget at first glance. The hiring managers at Dairy Queen have to deal with inexperienced candidates who show up to job interviews dressed in casual attire.

What Are The Dairy Queen Interview Tips?

  • Please be on time plus 10 minutes.
  • Put your mobile device into airplane mode.
  • Get as much information as possible about the company.
  • If you speak too, you will come off as anxious. Slow down.
  • If you speak too, you will come off as uninteresting.
  • Maintain consistent eye contact throughout the entirety of the interview.


Interviews have the potential to become one of the most nerve-wracking experiences that an individual can go through. Although making attractive ice cream cones is a part of the job at Dairy Queen. You will want to impress the hiring manager and you will have to deal with difficult customers. Candidates can walk into each interview with confidence and a little bit of preparation. 

It is possible to impress a recruiter by making strong eye contact. Also communicating, being knowledgeable, and being confident. Keep in mind that interviews are dialogues in which you explain what sets you apart from other people. Take deep breaths before entering the building. Moreover, if that doesn’t help, try imagining a world where there is an endless supply of ice cream. 

By Taylor Thompson

Taylor is a co-founder at Purpose Built Ventures, where he helps launch mission-driven companies. Before Purpose Built, Taylor led growth at Almanac, strategy for Curious Learning, and product at PharmaSecure. His work helps 100,000s of people collaborate at work, 4 million children learn to read, and protects billions of medicines from counterfeiting. He has hired dozens of people, helped raise more than $50 million, and contributed to as a researcher with Clay Christensen. Taylor is an Echoing Green Fellow, and he has degrees from Dartmouth College and Harvard Business School.

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